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Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law in Newfoundland & Labrador

Since the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was proclaimed on April 17, 1982, there has been an undeniable expansion of the role of constitutional law in the everyday lives of Canadians. Challenges to the admissibility of evidence on constitutional grounds and challenges to the constitutionality of statutes have become a routine part of criminal practice. Issues as diverse as privacy legislation and administrative law now have a constitutional dimension that must be considered in order for a client to receive the best possible advice.

At Poole Althouse our lawyers are well versed in the constitutional issues that arise in other areas of practice.

In addition to the broad general knowledge of our lawyers, Jamie Merrigan, one of the partners at Poole Althouse, has an ongoing practice in Constitutional Law through the Canadian Bar Association. Please see his individual biography for more details.

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